Although success is uniquely different for each of us, the path to that success is universal. It matters not your profession or whether your career is in private industry, public service, community organizations or academia, there are some universal principles that, if followed, will boost your career. These principles are consistently practiced by individuals in organizations and have been addressed over time by historians, philosophers, world leaders, authors, business leaders and sports heroes.


While we live in a highly technological and dynamic environment, we co-exist with many other living creatures whose lifestyles are relatively static. These creatures create a structured environment, maintain order, prosper, and, upon close examination, their instinctive lifestyles provide many lessons that could be used to boost your career.


Boswell’s book blends fourteen practical principles for success, the instinctive lessons from other creatures, his personal experiences, and statements from notable personalities into this intriguing book titled, “Success by Instinct: Use What Animals Already Know to Boost Your Career.”

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